What We Do

JW Construction is Boston’s premier custom home building company with extensive experience in new construction, home remodeling and historic renovations. We are unique in the industry by maintaining an extensive in-house staff that includes Project Managers, Designers, Masons, Painters, and Master, In-House Carpenters. We realized long ago that having the majority of our trades in-house allows us to manage our projects with great efficiency while providing our clients with the highest quality of workmanship. Some of our services include…

project management services

Construction Management — Every project has a dedicated project manager that will supervise your project and keep you up-to-date of progress throughout the term of your project. All of our project managers are skilled carpenters that have an excellent understanding of the building process. Each project manager is capable of physically working on-site as well as organizing and supervising the progress of the project. Our project managers are responsible for keeping you, the client, abreast of changes, improvements, budgets, and schedules throughout the duration of your project.

historic preservation services

Historical Preservation — We have had the opportunity to work on many of New England’s historic homes, from replicating original custom millwork to restoring un-replaceable character from the 1800s. We are confident in the historical building procedure and are fluent in the detailed permitting process. We are proud to have received the Cambridge Historical Commission Preservation Award for one of our large historical renovations.

green construction

Green Building — As sustainable design continues to grow in popularity in the building industry, we find we are able to broaden our knowledge with each green-build project we encounter. From the recycling of tear-down materials to staying abreast of new fixtures that will conserve energy in years to come, we are constantly learning new techniques and possibilities for sustainable design. We are honored to have been named “Best Green Builders” in The Luxe List 2019 Modern Luxury edition of 
Boston Common

in-house carpenters

In-House Carpentry — From framing to custom woodworking, our in-house carpenters are the ones who will build your home. Their comprehensive skills and training mean you receive unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

The JW Difference

Remarkable + Respectful ProcessCare, Craft + Collaboration
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Our Process


Jon introduces himself and the company. This meeting is always a learning experience for everyone involved; it is an opportunity for us to learn about your vision for the project as well as for you to learn about us and see if JW Construction is a good fit for you.

It is our preference to conduct this introductory meeting with you at the project site in order to best acquaint ourselves with the existing conditions and work environment. Here, we will also discuss the current stage of your project. If you have not selected an architect, we will help you in this process, or if you have already obtained a set of plans we can begin to review them with you to better understand your objectives, goals, and intended investment.

Preliminary Budget

After the site visit, we will analyze your plans and our notes in order to establish a preliminary budget range. This range will help you determine how to proceed. If the range is in sync with your investment expectations we are in great shape. If not we have a little more work to do in order to value engineer your plans to get them where they need to be.

Preliminary Schedule

This forecast will serve as a baseline for how long we think the project will take to complete.

Revised Budget and Schedule

After we have met and reviewed the preliminary budget and schedule, any changes will be addressed in a revised budget and a schedule that will be used as we embark on the project together. Your budget and schedule will be used many times throughout the project to monitor progress as well as help forecast ordering deadlines and management.


We typically propose a cost-plus contract with our projects. In this arrangement, you are billed for all direct costs plus either a fixed fee or percentage markup.  The benefit of this contract is that you only pay for the goods and services you receive. New ideas and changes often emerge throughout the construction process that adds to your product as we work together. In our contract, these changes can be addressed immediately without stopping construction by executing a separate change order agreement. We find this contract works well for a fast-paced construction process and will also benefit you.

Scope of Work Specifications

Clarifying the scope of work is a crucial aspect of the preconstruction phase of a project. By clearly defining the project specifications before construction begins, we ensure that everyone is on the same page. This exercise will list out in detail what is on the table for work and will be reviewed together by the contractor and client, to provide clear expectations for all parties.

Preconstruction  ~ Permitting, Set-up and Mobilization

We like to schedule a pre-construction meeting two weeks before construction begins. This meeting starts the project off with a clear line of communication for everyone to follow throughout the project. We will continue this communication by providing you with status reports every two weeks, or as frequently as necessary, to ensure you are fully aware of the progress we are making on your project.

Once we have a permit, we will move into the set-up and mobilization phase where all necessary preparations are made prior to construction. At this point, our Project Coordinator will prepare your material selections into helpful selection sheets with order deadlines that reflect the project schedule. We also offer a design service for those clients who are interested in working with our interior designer to select finishes. Keep in mind there are a lot more decisions than meets the eye and the process can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you as much as you need! At this point in the process, you will also be introduced to your Project Manager who knows every detail of your project.


The longest and most important part of our process is the construction of your project. Beginning with any needed demolition and excavation of the site, we will prepare the site to start the framing process where you will see your project come to life. After framing we will continue with all of the rough plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work that will start to develop the mechanics of your home. After the framing inspection is complete we will continue by insulating the project and advancing to the weather-tight section of construction. Work will continue on both the interior and exterior of the home with the installation of blue board and plaster, as well as all the finish work for plumbing, electrical, tile & stone, and all your finish work. The construction phase is often an extensive and exciting process. Although it can be overwhelming for the homeowner, we find that our constant communication and support can make this journey enjoyable for everyone.

Weekly Site Meetings

We like to meet with the client once a week to review the progress of the project and any new developments. Depending on the particular project, the client’s architect or designer are often involved with these weekly meetings. We generally use this meeting time to invite one of the subcontractors or suppliers involved in an upcoming part of the project to join us. Weekly meetings are a great time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and allows the regular opportunity to identify, address and resolve any issues immediately.