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JW Construction is a client-centered construction company that specializes in preserving architectural treasures through conscientious remodeling and crafting distinctive, high-quality custom homes. We have extensive experience in general contracting including high-end residential renovations and delivery of top-notch historical renovations in the New England Area. JW Construction recognizes that the home is one of the most important investments of our clients’ lives and we think of it as nothing less.

Who is the client we hope to work with? Put simply it is an individual with a strong appreciation for value and quality.  Someone who understands that they are hiring a professional for their knowledge and expertise in building and who wants a home that is extraordinary.

There are few companies that can build a home with true craftsmanship, and even fewer who make the journey a quality experience for everyone. At general contractor in Boston we believe that the journey and the end product are undeniably linked. We strongly believe that the process is equally as important as the final product. Our experienced project managers ensure efficiency and make for a well-run job site.  Our team of highly trained and professional carpenters means the difference between a good job and a great job. Our attention to detail results in the quality of work we are always proud of.

Since 1993 JW Construction’s mission has been to provide the highest quality construction available in the industry combined with unparalleled customer service. We’re personally committed to building the home of your dreams.

Inside JW Construction

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About Jon Wardwell

Jon Wardwell, President and Founder

Jon Wardwell, President

Jon Wardwell established JW Construction in 1993 with the same resolve and work ethic he developed while working for various builders in the 1980s. As a small company with few employees, Jon fostered the fledgling business through the difficult, early years. His simple philosophy was getting the job done and dedicating yourself to taking care of the customer and providing them with quality work, no matter how big or small the project might be. During this time, the company grew and its reputation and stature as an organization that provided quality work to its customers grew with it.

The current decade brought unprecedented growth to JW Construction as it has more than tripled in size and capabilities within just a few years. Defined by his core values of quality, integrity, character and, trust, Jon created the framework for his company and staff which has been the bedrock of the company’s success.

Under Jon’s leadership and with a core of dedicated, hard-working and skilled employees, the company’s diversity is its strength. His commitment to excellence has brought his company to the level it is today and he continues to build on success with each new project.